Communication is at the core of the growth of any business or enterprise. As communication is a two-way process, you need to have CRM and ERP for its better management. At Geek Force Web, we provide these solutions.
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Best Features of our CRM/ ERP

Linked Portal

We offer linked customer portal to help you access and manage the products and services on day to day basis.


It acts as a reporting tool and manages everything right from payment to delivery and sales besides reminding you of business activities.


It allows you to keep a tab on the customer’s journey for your products so that you can plan targeted marketing campaigns.

Mobile friendly

It allows you to access the data on mobile so that you can boost your campaign for higher and faster conversions.


Industries We Serve

We are well known for providing seamless CRM and ERP solutions. Our software is developed in a way that anyone with the basic knowledge of technology can operate it. We offer CRM and ERP solutions to several industries, including:

  • Small & Medium Business
  • IT industry
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Travel and Tourism

Our CRM/ ERP Solutions

Seamless and User-friendly

With several years of experience in the IT industry, providing CRM and ERP to small medium and big industries, we are well suited to meet your requirements. Here is why.

  • Expertise over CRM/ERP
  • Industry Specific Solutions
  • Affordable price
  • Strategic Reporting
  • On-demand customization
  • Round the clock support

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